Service storages

We provide fast and comprehensive service support for storage racks.Our service technicians have many years of experience in repair, preservation and installing of racks. At the same time, our knowledge is constantly being broadened with new solutions on the market, thanks to close cooperation with the leading racks manufacturers.

We are able to offer our Customers a competitive implementation time, as well as remote help thanks to which our Customers can save time and money, which improves the smoothness of production and functionality of the institutions.

To our Customers we guarantee the highest quality of services as well as competitive prices.

Storage racks inspections


The Ordinance of the Minister of Labor and Social Policy of 26.09.1997 and the amended European standard EN 15635, clearly regulate the issues associated with maintaining the appropriate technical condition of the storage racks.

European standard EN 15635 imposes the obligation to conduct regular inspections of the technical condition of shelving structures by experts, maintaining certain control procedures and records of events. Inspections should be carried out periodically. Depending on the intensity of racks exploitation once every 6 or 12 months. Such actions affect the reduction of damage or destruction of stored goods or accidents of workers.

Range of provided services:


  • technical condition of the rack evaluation:
    • frames, concentration and support beams condition, including: vertical deflection,flexures, dents, joint crack control in operational conflations.
    • the condition of the foot joints with the base and the support beam with the pillar.
    • the evaluation of the condition and efficiency of the elements i.e. the foot joints with the base and the support beam with the pillar.
    • general identification of defects/damages and irregularities.
    • all tasks in accordance with established instructions, specifications and methods.
  • Checking the correctness of installation.
  • Personal safety systems (automatic racks) control.
  • Verification of records and marking.

After the racks inspection we display (provide) a technical inspection report with a list of possible damaged racking elements which need to be replaced, with irregularities observed and post-inspection recommendations. All checked racks are marked with tags.

On Customer’s request we present an offer to remove all irregularities according to the recommendations contained in the racks inspection report.