Storage racks relocation


We offer professional relocation of automatic and stationary high storage racks in the logistic industry. We have small size self-propelled feet with a lifting capacity of up to 25 tons for efficient and mobile relocation of automatic high storage racks, both inside and outside the factories/workplaces.


Our services offer includes:


  • relocation of machines, transfer of machines and production lines
  • transport inside and outside the factories/workplaces
  • unloading, disassembly and installing
  • unloading the machines, positioning, connecting and starting-up
  • transporting machines
  • digital leveling, leveling
  • recycling – uninstalling machines and devices

All operations are carried out with the help of professional equipment: mobile cranes, frame gantries, transport reels, platforms and forklifts, which allow to move, install or uninstall machines in inaccessible places.


We cooperate with companies offering specialized oversized transports and manufacturers of logistics branches.