The SUPPLY POINT tool vendor is made out of an automatic cupboard and of a tool Management software.

After having identified the operator and his rights, the cupboard automatically distributes the EXACT QUANTITY of required tools.

The software saves all carried out operations.

This automatic tool vendor is very simple to use and offers following benefits:


  • Tools are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week
  • Tools inputs and outputs can be traced
  • Stock control
  • Reduced inventories
  • Control of supplies

According to the cases, this tool vendor can help save up to 30% of tool consumption.






  • up to 468 locations for storage per machine;
  • machines may be stand-alone or daisy-chained;
  • total access control;
  • 24/7 availability of contents;
  • mechanical override in case of brakedown or power-out;
  • limited maintenance requirement
  • full traceability of items and transactions
  • automated reorder facility;


Various location dimensions


Different model configurations give between 90 and 468 locations to fit items of various sizes. Software allows for items to be returned to preassigned cribs for returnable items.

Mechanical override system


Ideally you would need this, in the real world some incident or another way require manual intervention in an emergency. With a key, the machine can be unlocked and all contents access even in the event power failure.



In normal usage, items are enclosed and behind metallic traps. Unauthorized access is difficult, the moreso because only the computer knows the precise location of each article.

Traceable consumption


The software makes all information available – in detail and or at the level of aggregation by time, team, job etc. you define. thanks to the system, questions such as WHO? WHAT? WHEN? WHERE? and WHAT FOR? can be precisely answered.



One master unit (with the computer) can manage as much as 10 additional units, and units may be chained to other types of vending machines of the SupplyPoint range, Multiple Stand-Alone units may also report back to a central server, to give a complete perspective to the administrator and alternate locations for tools to the user. The system can grow with you and your discovery of implementation opportunities.